Duck Hunting the Sunshine State: Florida Waterfowl

To many waterfowl enthusiast's, Florida is a bucket list destination for duck hunting. The mild winter climate provides refuge for an array of migrating waterfowl. For many species, Florida's pristine marshes and wetlands are the final destination of their annual migration south. Depending on where in the state you hunt, Florida boasts a wide variety of species such as Mottled Ducks, Teal, Pintails, Redheads, Scaup, and Buffleheads to name a few. Duck hunting in Florida is also less dependent on weather than in other states in the U.S. making the hunting more consistent from day to day. 


What to Bring on Your Hunt:  

  • Waders and camo clothing for both cool and warm weather

  • Steel Shot. (Size #4 is the best all around shell for Florida)

  • 12 or 20ga. Shotgun with plug.

  • Decoys, Blind, boat, etc. will be provided

  • Waters & Ice will be included on boat.

  • Beer, soft drinks, snacks, etc. are not included.

Florida Duck Hunting Rates:

  • $450 (2 people or less)

  • Additional $200 for a third person

 Duck Hunting Locations:

  1. Homosassa, Florida

  2. Cedar Key, Florida

Florida Duck Hunting

Florida is one of the only states in the union that has a strong resident population of mottled ducks and whistling ducks. Both species are highly sought after by duck hunters around the world due to their limited geographic range. Depending on time of season, duck hunts will be along the coast in Homosassa or Cedar Key, Florida.

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Homosassa & Cedar Key Duck Hunting

Coastal duck hunts in Florida can be some of the best in the world. Florida is the winter home for a large population of diving ducks in the central and north western Gulf of Mexico. Homosassa is one of the best places to hunt Redheads in the country. Cedar Key boasts massive populations of bluebills, buffleheads, and the occasional goldeneye. If you're looking for a new experience, coastal hunting might be right up your alley. 

Whether you're looking for a singular species to cross off your list or you're just wanting a great time in the blind with family and friends, look no further than the sunshine state for your ultimate waterfowl experience. 

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