Boca Grande, Florida has long been known as the Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World. This world class tarpon fishery explodes from spring to fall on most years, and is located along one of Florida’s most pristine coastal areas. Boca Grande Pass is one of the last stops for the massive tarpon migration before they head offshore to spawn. Boca Grande is home to vast backcountry areas, pristine grass flats, and many transitional waterways that funnel hoards bait to feeding tarpon . Couple this with excellent food sources and protection, and it becomes apparent why Florida’s favorite species, tarpon, congregate here by the hundreds of thousands.

Fly Fishing the Tarpon Capitol

Captain Parker O’Bannon specializes in taking clients on fly fishing trips for the Silver King in Boca Grande and neighboring Charlotte Harbor. He also specializes in bait fishing for these massive fish away from the crowds, in the pristine backwaters if Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound.

Catching a giant tarpon on fly is considered by many to be the pinnacle of saltwater fly fishing. The fertile waters of Charlotte Harbor and  the waters surrounding Boca Grande have long been known by many as the tarpon capitol of the world. Every summer starting in mid-April, massive migrating schools of tarpon enter this area by the thousands to feed and take residence in this summer oasis. This nutrient rich ecosystem provides these migrating fish with an endless supply of bait and places to take refuge before heading offshore to spawn. With so many feeding fish over such a vast and diverse area, Boca Grande is a fly fisherman's paradise!



What to expect  

  • 11-12 weight rod is crucial in catching giant tarpon.

  • Rods can be furnished upon request.

  • Rain Gear is strongly recommended

  • Flies, Leader, tackle etc. will be provided.

  • Waters & Ice will be included on boat.

  • Beer, soft drinks, snacks, etc. are not included.

  • If you want to tie or furnish your own flies, get in contact with me and I will be happy to guide you along on what is working this season!


Boca Grande Tarpon

  • Split day (morning & Afternoon) $700

  • Full Day $650

  • Half Day $500


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