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Homosassa Florida has long been known as one of Florida's finest tarpon fisheries. The clear, shallow waters that surround this legendary area are the perfect mid-summer home for giant migrating tarpon. Legendary fly fisherman such as Billy Pate, Stu Apte and Lefty Kreh, to name a few,  made Homosassa their summer destination in search of prospective world record class tarpon. This is for good reason. Both the 16lb class tippet and the 20lb class tippet world record tarpon have been caught in Homosassa.

   Anglers that venture to  Homosassa will be pleasantly surprised to see a fishery that has had limited pressure over the past decade, with an abundance of very visual tarpon. With the clear water and white sand / grass bottom, Homosassa is a sight fishing paradise. 



What to expect  

  • 11-12 weight rod is crucial in catching giant tarpon.

  • Rods can be furnished upon request.

  • Flies, Leader, tackle etc. will be provided.

  • Raingear is strongly suggested

  • Waters & Ice will be included on boat.

  • Beer, soft drinks, snacks, etc. are not included.

  • If you want to tie or furnish your own flies, get in contact with me and I will be happy to guide you along on what is working this season!


 Homosassa Tarpon

  • Full Day $650

  • Half Day $450



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