Gearing Up For Tarpon

Here in Florida the days are getting longer and warmer. With the warmer weather comes warmer water and the beginning influxes of tarpon. The annual migration of the silver king is almost upon us in Boca Grande with the first fish beginning to trickle in day by day.

Late April is typically when fly fishing guides in Boca Grande begin taking clients to try their hand at catching this first push of tarpon into the estuary. Fishing this early migration of fish can be quite productive as fishing pressure tends to be lower than it is later in the peak of the season. The tarpon also seem to be more aggressive and accepting of flies on average in the early season, possibly as a result of their long travel in the open gulf.

Fly fishing for tarpon in Boca Grande during the early season (April-May) gives an angler opportunities to cast at fish that have been unmolested by the crowds. There may not be the numbers that we see in June, but the movements and habits of the fish that we do see are extremely conducive to fly fishing. Guides and anglers alike talk of massive schools of tarpon tailed out in the morning sun, huge numbers of laid-up fish in the backcountry, and many strings of slow traveling fish on the numerous inland bars and shorelines.

If you’ve only considered Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande as a mid-summer sport, I strongly urge the avid fly angler to reconsider. April and May are not to be taken lightly and should definitely be considered when planning your next trip to fly fish for tarpon. If hungry tarpon and minimal fishing pressure peak your interest look no further than Boca Grande as your early summer tarpon destination.